CBBRC joins Labor Day 2019 protest

May 3, 2019

The Crispin B. Beltran Resource Center (CBBRC) joined thousands of workers and members from various organizations in commemorating the 133rd Labor Day.

“Today, we stand with all the toiling people across the globe as we remember the workers who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the victories of their struggle such as the eight-hour work day, higher wages, and other benefits,” said Ron Villegas, Executive Director of the CBBRC.

“The struggle for workers rights is far from over, 133 years since the fateful day in Haymarket when the police fired upon thousands of workers protesting for the eight-hour work day. Today, workers of the world are confronted with a continuing attack on their hard-won victories by the forces of neoliberalism,” said Villegas.

He explained that previous rights enjoyed by workers such as the right to minimum wage, job security, safe working conditions, are being denied from workers by capitalists who want to earn even grater profits from the hard work of their employees.

“Haymarket, and the long history of the working class movement worldwide including the Philippines has shown that only through collective action can the workers advance their rights. The Government can no longer ignore the growing call for a national minimum wage and a genuine end to the practice of contractualization,” said Villegas